Remote Learning Year 3

Week Beginning: 1.3.21                               Year group: 3



Instructions with links to teaching and activities



5 word spelling

Group 3 week 8



Monday 1st March English online lesson.

  • Editing and improving work is an important thing and lots of writers use it. Today we are going to be editing and improving a postcard.
  • Please can you watch the video which will give you tips on how to edit writing
  • Afterwards, please look at the postcard I have attached. I wrote this postcard (just like you did on Thursday) but I’m not very happy with it. Would you be able to edit it and improve it for me please? You will need to keep an eye on my spelling, punctuation, and capital letters. You could also change some words for me if you think you have a better word for the job. Thanks for helping me, I look forward to seeing your improvements!


Maths5 minute maths


Group 3 Monday 1st March maths online learning.

  • Today we are going to be comparing lengths. This will be working on what you learnt in year 2.
  • You will need to be using mathematical vocabulary for this lesson this might include; taller than, bigger than, smaller than, less than, more than.
  • Please can you watch the video on comparing lengths
  • Afterwards you will need to put the caterpillars in the right size category. Try to use some mathematical vocabulary during this task.


Caterpillars work sheet



OtherActivities on Purple Mash



LiteracyTuesday 2nd March English online work

  • Today we are going to be using adjectives to describe Antarctica. Remember adjectives are describing words so they help you to put more detail into your writing.
  • Please watch the video which will tell you a little bit about Antarctica
  • Afterwards, please write some sentences around the picture of Antarctica which include some describing words.
  • I have included a box of adjectives which describe Antarctica so you could use some of these alongside your own. You may to look some of them up to work out what they mean.
MathsGroup 3 Tuesday 2nd March maths online learning.

  • Today we are going to be continuing our learning on comparing length but start using units. You will have to remember that when we see the symbol < it means bigger than.
  • Please can you watch the video
  • Can you also complete the White rose maths comparing lengths worksheet.





OtherClass 2 online history lesson 5.3.21

  • Please watch the narrated PowerPoint that will tell you about Captain Scott’s journey.
  • Afterwards, please write Captain Scott’s journey onto the template and draw pictures above each step.



LiteracyWednesday 3rd March English online work.

  • Today we are going to be trying to plan a letter about a journey to the Antarctic by using a story map. It might be useful to have a look back over your work from geography yesterday to help you remember what a journey to the Antarctic might look like.
  • Please watch the video on loom where I will explain what your task is today.

MathsGroup 3 Wednesday 3rd March online maths learning.

  • Today we will be learning how to add lengths. Remember after you have added your numbers together you will need to add your units back on (cm,mm,m)
  • Please watch the video until it reaches 9 minutes and 45 secs
  • Afterwards, please complete the adding lengths worksheet.


Adding lengths worksheet






Session H Keeping fit

Humans (and other animals) need exercise to be fit & healthy. Talk about why exercise is important for our muscles, bones & heart (which is also a muscle). Find out how exercise affects our bodies. Discuss children’s favourite ways of exercising.




Remind children that we need a balanced diet to stay healthy. Now introduce the importance of exercise by talking about/using a suitable book to illustrate some of the different parts and functions of our bodies and why we need to keep fit.


Being fit means you have stamina and can walk or run longer distances, your body is flexible and can move easily and your muscles are strong. Show children the video clips at     – the importance of fitness  – exercise and sport children can do to keep fit



The parts of our body that are involved in exercise are:


  • Bones – there are 206 bones in our bodies, exercise helps them grow strong – feel some of them.
  • Muscles are joined to bones and make them move. If they are not used they become smaller and won’t work well – like trying to pick up something heavy. The heart is a muscle too. If you are 7 years old your heart beats about 90 times a minute.
  • Veins and arteries take your blood (carrying oxygen from the air and taken in through our lungs, and goodness from your food) to every part of your body (arteries) & bringing waste gases back to the lungs to breathe them out. Look at veins on the inside of your arms to see them under the skin.


Tell children that they will have the opportunity to look at all these parts of our bodies in more detail in their science lessons in later on.


Exercise also helps us relax and we can have fun with our family and friends. Ask children if they feel good when they have done some exercise.




Discuss words active and inactive. Talk about and collect ideas about how children like to exercise.

Ask – What is your favourite form of exercise in school and out of school?  What games do you know that are good for making your heart beat more and your lungs work harder?  Children illustrate their favourite ways of keeping fit in and out of school. If time on the back they could draw different exercise ideas that other children might like to try.



LiteracyWorld Book Day

Why not send in a phot of you with your favourite book?

Fill in this book review to share with the rest of the class.


Book review


Thursday 4th March English online work.

  • Today we are going to be writing up our letter which we planned yesterday.
  • Please watch the video on loom which will tell you what your task is
  • Remember to use full stops, capital letters and lots of lovely describing words. You may also want to use exclamation marks, brackets, and question marks.
  • I look forward to reading your letters!


Letter writing template



MathsGroup 3 Thursday 4th March online maths learning.


  • Today we will be refreshing our knowledge of adding lengths and learning how to subtract lengths.
  • Please watch the video
  • Afterwards, please complete the subtracting lengths worksheet.


Subtracting length worksheet



Please find sheet below with instructions, link to teaching video and worksheet.




Spelling test


MathsActivities on My Maths




Class 2 PSHE online learning 2/3/21

  • Please watch the video of the book Greta and the Giants
  • I would like you to make your own speech to present about your eco town.
  • It would be lovely if you could record you saying your speech and send it in but don’t worry if you can’t just write it down!